My levels have been normal, and my parathyroid seems fine, too. It took me weeks to get up the nerve but I did it. Ive read so many scary posts about managing hormone levels and poor quality of life issues after full thyroid surgery, etc. If I knew how easy the surgery was, I would have had it done much sooner. It is such a relief not to feel the full feeling in my throat. :) The good news is - my scar is not that prominent and it has healed quite nicely. What to expect after a partial or total thyroidectomy (16-24): It might take several weeks or months to find the optimal hormone replacement therapy dose. (1) So if you have hypothyroidism, have had a thyroidectomy or partial thyroidectomy, this means you! Had 3.8 cm malignant and 1 cm cancerous lump removed but didnt know until if was out. A hemithyroidectomy is the removal of half of the thyroid gland. Im off pain meds already and planning to go back to work in a few days. I went on an overdrive with that and became anxiety free. She had me buy over-the-counter, professional grade silicone strips. I would highly recommend Dr.Kim and his team. I get histo results next month. I got the impression that if my levels went out of the normal range, my ENT would prescribe meds or I could move on to an endocrinologist. Id also tell people not to worry about this surgery. In your case, youd have to consider that if you dont have the surgery you will probably need scans and biopsies over and over while they monitor this. But, everyone heals differently. My right lobe was 7cm x 5cm x 4cm which is huge. Im being told the risk for cancer is usually around 60-70% with that diagnosis. A partial thyroidectomy is surgery to remove part of your thyroid gland. With that said, I have only taken Tylenol for pain. That was a great relief, because my biggest fear was that my voice would be affected. Yes! Ultra sound results were not so kind, ticking off 6 characteristics for cancer though this does not automatically mean, as I understand it, that cancer cells are definately present as yet. Basically, the early hospical arrival involved checking in, changing, reviewing medical history, meeting with the surgeon one last time, and getting hooked up to an IV. I also have a small nodule on the other side. I felt like ugh! but after felt good, so was hoping this would help lose weight after a couple of months, I had a cold and didnt feel well, had swelling in neck, thought it was swollen glands. What you guys think? My throat hurt quite a bit, and my neck was stiff. In that case, your thyroid may still work normally after surgery. I know everyone is different and responds differently as well. Thanks in advance for your time! 2022 Aug;16(4):844-852. doi: 10.1007/s11764-021-01078-8. I bought Dr. Maxs serum and also have the Scar Away silicone strips. I wish I would have found it prior to the surgery. Im kind of nervous, but I hope it will be OK. I felt pretty great when I first woke up after surgery, but after a few hours, it started to hurt. Went to endocrinologist who sent me for a ultra sound and it appears that my thyroid grew back and it us growing substernal. The surgery went well, i just puked when i got home aand late at night due to the anesthesia. Ct scan showed it had deviated my trachea and esophagus to the right and was compressing both. doi: 10.1136/bmj.i3839. You should be able to swallow pretty much anything but your doctor will tell you what youll be capable of. My experience was very similar to yours. Hi, Eunice, I took it easy and was fine after that. I have an appointment on Tuesday for blood work results. Today he suggested I get the right thyroid removed. ultrasound result is with cslcification. I caught a terrible flu/cold during my 2nd week of recovery just as I was ready to return to work. Methods: Well I turned 50 this year and none of my friends have it, so I was a little frazzled by it all, but I suppose the fact I noticed the lump in my neck and asked questions was a good thing. Please keep me posted on your progress. @AnnMarie I am just seeing your message. doi: 10.1002/hsr2.1018. hi Mary, Im planning the same partial thyroidectomy surgery Thursday, and back to work on Monday, because I own a business and cannot get any more time off than that. i was just wondering since it was so big was it cancerous at all. The surgery is easier. I told him I wanted to wait and lets monitor every 6 months since its small and no symptoms. Ask how big yours will be and where it will be. My surgery is tomorrow for a partial. Post-surgery day 3 and I feel ready to go by to work. the thing is, its possible the second biopsy could also be inconclusive and he agreed with me on that. Thank you, thank you for your post. I had my left lobe removed 2 days ago. I had a partial thyroidectomy yesterday morning. Best to those experiencing this, and think it was an experience that was so far much better than expected going in. Many people wonder whether or not theyll need medication. I had a partial thyroid gland removal on March 7th this year 2017 I was wondering if anyone has had issues 2 months after the surgery? Irrespective of this, I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good endocrinologist in the area who is willing to give meds for a slightly hypothyroid condition. Even though Im scared, I hope I can get surgery to remove this thing asap and not have another long wait. Yes. At what point were you able to workout? I am scheduled for a partial tomorrow afternoon. What I did have was lots of goobers in my throat from the breathing tube and a raspy voice for a few days. Good luck and wishing you all the best. I slept sitting up in the lazyboy for the first two nights, but am able to sleep in bed now. I had to stay overnight, which is normal. Here is the link to my surgeon. For those first few weeks I mostly went for walks to keep the blood flowing. Two weeks is about right fir recovery as LaJolla Mom said. I have talked myself out of going through with surgery too many times to count and am very concerned about too many things.weight gain, how I will feel immediately after surgery, the biospy results of removed section, whether or not I have to go back for a second round, damaging vocal cords, will I need mediction, what probs does meds present.etc There is not much I am not worried about. 2) Did you need Synthroid or did the other half compensate? Still have a very foggy brain it seems. THE SURGERY & recovery If so what antibiotic did you take? My thyroid levels are good and I finally got up enough nerve to have a biopsy done. However, they asked me about allergies beforehand and I know for sure they double checked and kept that in my mind. I had a total thyroidectomy in 1999, due to nodules that kept growing. Five days ago, I had a partial thyroidectomy. I dont know what this means for my overall health and well-being. I never had anyone suggest I have removal until now due to size. y Endo is a bit concern about the result so he refer me to surgeon snd the surgeon sdvneed some advice is to have a partial thyrodectomy.My plan is this winter but still undecided on my surgery 50/50. Endoscopic and robotic surgeries leave smaller scars that are less visible. Free T4 2.04 I am hoping it will all go well and now that I know this, I can make more mindful lifestyle changes. I took 1 pain pill when I got home because we had a 4 hour drive due to very heavy traffic. Im now 4 weeks post op. I was so worried about the same but 1.5 weeks after surgery the energy came back. Readers have access to exclusive discounts on theme park tickets (like Disneyland and San Diego Zoo) and perks at luxury hotels worldwide through her. I can relate to being extremely tired, feel like I need a nap every 2-3 hours. 2019 Aug 20;37(24):2152-2161. doi: 10.1200/JCO.18.02228. Speed recovery dear. Hi, Christian, I had half of my thyroid removed a year ago for a large (7 cm) nodule benign. My nodule was over 7cm, but I didnt notice any effects, just that it was large and needed to come out. There are also physical exercises like neck stretches and voice therapy that can support your recovery after surgery. Good luck. It is 6cm and am having it removed in 2 days. I've had hypo. Please enable it to take advantage of the complete set of features! I had normal thyroid levels before and after my surgery, so need no meds. Today was pretty good as the anesthesia effects are over. Were you able to go back to work okay? Sometimes I just get anxious out of the blue. I became very emotional and depressed after my surgery, I didnt really know why at the time but its reassuring to know someone else had a similar experience. Any suggestions to ease the nervesor what to eat afterwardshopefully my thyroid levels stay normal like they are now. I was also very nervous, but now Im so thankful that I had it removed. I felt zero anxiety, due to the medication. I also get what I call zingers of pain at incision sight. The weight is almost all in my stomach. I am retired, but if working I would say that you may need 2 to 3 weeks off. I work at home, so worked a little during week two. Linda, how long after your surgery did you have to wait until were you able to sing again? undergoing partial thyroidectomy remains unclear. My wound is still a bit swollen. It pays to have a good surgeon. My voice was fine from day one. My partial surgery was 9 Feb 2017 ; tonight had to do back to ER for neuropathy left hand, wrist while cooking me a lite supper . Im scheduled for surgery August 24. I was told that if I worked from home (which I do), that I could likely return to work the following week which I hope is true! No nausea. Dont put it off, it was not a problem at all. :) I'm not on any medication because the doctor said that we should test whether the left side could take over the functions of the right side(the lobe I had removed).All in all - I think I am coping very well. My other major concern is fatigue after the surgery. I had my follow up last Friday (11 days after the surgery) and the incision was healed, the biopsy came back 100% benign. The scar is hardly noticeable. Although I was terrified, I sailed through it! Hi there your post helped me so much. New fatigue was evident in 61% of respondents within a year after TT or lobectomy. The thyroid produces hormones which control the speed at which your body works. My worst fear of course are the possible complications. Banerjee M, Wiebel JL, Guo C, Gay B, Haymart MR. BMJ. My hormones were fine, I had no symptoms so my endo still believed observation was the best course of action. We are awaiting the other report from pathology in hopes that it is truly cancer free. The worry is that it will grow probably and that youll never be as healthy as you are at present time to handle a surgery. I had PT left lobectomy Nov 14for suspicious Hurthle cell cancer was scheduled for follow up with surgeon Nov 30 and was told to schedule with Endo one week after surgery date but only date available was same Nov 30. i can talk fine and sing fine too so happy the surgery hasnt affected none of that. well i was just tired of laying around bcuz im a very active person. Hang in there. Two of my parathyroids were removed and put back during surgery. I just looked over my ultrasound report and it says its pushing the trachea to the right. It was large! They do another ultrasound that shows the once concerning 2.5 cm nodule is now 0.6 cm so they think it was cystic. if there is i need to wait like 3-4 months and get th other side taken out.. hopefully that doesnt happen & i can move on with life. I just need to hit the gym! This year it was just shy of 7 cm and my ENT strongly suggested a cat scan (I forced myself although I am so claustrophobic that I didnt think I could. Perhaps they can give you something to combat it on the day of, if you think it might be tough to manage otherwise. This was my first surgery so was nervous! It helped me a little on the way to my hemithyroidectomy. Id personally rather do it once. UGHHH I am really hoping that the nodules were causing the weight gain and I dont have to join the circus, but instead will return to my slender self again. I didnt drive for one week. Good luck to everyone! Really cant tell you how much I appreciate hearing your stories. I was advised to have them monitored, blood work, scans etc on a regular basis. Thought it was the pain meds but havent had to take them for a couple of days so it's not that. The results from the biopsy came back as suspicious and my Dr checked me into the hospital 2 days later. Did the tumor grow at a fast rate? Good luck! However, there are some things that everyone can expect with any type of thyroid surgery. I have an appointment with the surgeon 07/02. Due to suspicious nature & high rate of numerous cancers in my family we are just going to surgically remove it. I am very emotional (though hiding it from family and friends) and not sleeping much. I was told not to lift anything or to bend at the waist for two weeks. 7 months later: nodules were larger and both were now suscpoius. My thyroid function tested in the normal range one month after surgery, so I am not on any meds and feel fine. Ive still got swelling in my jaw and chin but its pretty much only noticeable to me and anyone who knows me well. But I am dreading the painful recovery, downtime, etc. For me that pillow was more effective than pain meds. Hi, Dawn, I only recall a bit of a sore throat from the throat tube. Hi Annmarie recovery was relatively easy and I am so glad I did the surgery. So far, I can tell the silicone strips are working. Can anyone help? They want to put me on an antibiotic post surgery. I had to stay over one night in the hospital and Im home now. I was thus waffling on the surgery but given the size of this nodule, I finally decided to do it sooner rather than later. So what to do???? doi: 10.1530/EC-21-0506. Its been a week and Im still a little tired but Im not taking any meds. I have a cystic thyroid nodule on my right side that was first discovered in 2013 or 2014. My next is completely fine. Im not sure you will have the same problem but nothing was coming out of my mouth. Any advice pls.

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