Some also consider Carillon Beach technically just off U.S. 98 an honorary member of 30A. There is an island resort and golf carts are the preferred method of transportation going down to the beach and shopping. Cafe Tango even offers small group catering and family-sized meals to go; this can come in handy when you dont feel like cooking for your crew but dont want to corral everyone for dinner out. You can't get on that beach if you're not a resident or guest, and the area was wildly devoid of people just milling about. The cobblestone streets and the magnificent architecture will make for an incredible driving experience as you take in the sights. You wont find the omnipresent golf carts like in Santa Rosa Beach, but you will see many bicycles (so drive slowly when coming into town). A proposal made Crown Point Cross Road and the Winter Oaks neighborhood the first targets. Its more than a golf cart community its a golf club community. All of the properties on this island have beach access so that they are always able to approach the water. Instead, youll find a much calmer approach to beach life with more families than college kids and more local shops with cult-like followings than chains. In the best communities, you may be able to get to the grocery store and doctors office in your golf cart. So were grateful that golf carts in Walton County are legal on any county-maintained road. For those who are 55 and up, there are even more options. This site is owned and operated by MHaralson Enterprises. All year long, residents ride around the neighborhood on their golf carts. However, be aware that late summer and fall are during hurricane season for the area. Golf carts are the preferred method of transportation, and there are zero traffic lights on the island. We may receive compensation when you click on links to those products. Galveston, Texas is an ideal destination for anyone who wishes to rent a golf cart. Most of those communities embrace golf cart living. You can take your golf cart anywhere through the town, traveling just as you would in a vehicle but on reserved trails for safety. It's not technically on 30A. Please view our advertising policy page for more information. It is a tropical island where there are no cars. With its affordability, safety, and amenities, Clearwater Beach is one of the best golf cart beach towns in the United States. For us, it served as a very easy entry point to vacations in 30A. Heres what you need to know to plan your first trip to this scenic portion of Floridas Emerald Coast. However, there are many layers and nuances to 30A. Golf cart parking is found throughout the beach town to accommodate those residing there year-round. Are you looking for the perfect beach town to explore with your golf cart? While you're in 30A, visit some of the other communities outside of the one you book. Offer ends 5/3/23. Rosemary Beach is somewhat of a mixture of the vibes of Seaside and Alys. The crabcakes (available on Friday and Saturday nights) are popular, and I can personally vouch for the shrimp po'boy. The town offers multiple driving trails and designated parking areas on-site as well as within town limits. Here's a list of some golf-cart-friendly campgrounds in Florida that you can visit on your next camping expedition. In the community, you can find stores, live entertainment, and other amenities. In this town, golf carts are so popular that most vacation rentals come with a golf cart. With affordable mobile homes available in this lesbian community, you can live on a budget. Many who visit the island take advantage of golf carts, as it is the preferred transportation method of the resort and locals. In Tampa Bay, there are a few golf cart Communities. It was the easy-to-access domestic beach getaway that we didnt know much we needed until we found it. Celebrating pirate culture is a way of life, so it's not uncommon to see people dressed as swashbucklers just for the heck of it. There are several other rules that apply, but those rules vary by county. Related: Credit cards that give you more than $1,000 in value every year. St. Petersburg allows golf carts on some streets in certain neighborhoods, but they are not widely used for transportation. This is a very active community, with more than just the beach to offer, but also parks with tennis courts, golfing, or going to enjoy one of the fine-dining restaurants in the town. Golf carts are powered by either electric or gas motors and can travel up to 30 miles on a single charge. From golf cart maintenance tricks to the best golf cart accessories, our team has researched and tested for hundreds of hours. Off the coast of Georgia, you can find a nice golf cart town in St. Simons Island. Find the right card for you. Is The White Lotus breaking up with Four Seasons ahead of Season 3? Even Charlies Delights doughnut shop in Alys gets positive reviews. A hidden gem in Bonita Springs, this community is rural and tucked away from the city life. From west to east along road 30A, youll find: Dune Allen Beach, Santa Rosa Beach, Blue Mountain Beach, Grayton Beach, Watercolor, Seaside, Seagrove Beach, WaterSound Beach, Seacrest Beach, Alys Beach, Rosemary Beach and Inlet Beach. The rooftop deck of the Hurricane Seafood Restaurant also offers spectacular views of the sun's descent into the Gulf of Mexico. Florida State Parks. And, of course, there's the beach: Honeymoon Island State Park touts four miles of unspoiled white shorelines and one of the last remaining virgin slash pine forests, plus it's a gateway to Caribbean-reminiscent Caladesi Island State Park. Every area has its own fan base. If you are OK visiting in the cooler winter months when high temperatures usually dont get out of the 60s or 70s, home rentals are a fraction of the price of the summer season. Even residents take advantage of using golf carts along this beach town. Some homes near the fancier neighborhoods try to get away with saying they are actually in those neighborhoods, especially in the initial search results. It can be a good happy medium for those who want some community amenities without blowing the entire years vacation budget just on the home rental. With its variety of unique attractions, beautiful scenery, and great shopping and dining opportunities, its the perfect place to explore by golf cart. Beaches here are second to none and offer some of the best shelling you can find. But even in the Sunshine State, not all coastal communities are created equal. Its not a big area. Located in Sarasota, this private community consists of 62 homes but has more than 700 acres of lakes, nature preserves, and fairways. Those looking to have a laid-back lifestyle on the West Coast find Laguna Woods Village to be a great escape. Our points-obsessed staff uses a plethora of credit cards on a daily basis. The best way to soak up stunning Gulf of Mexico views and explore this friendly community is by foot or bicycle. Guide to getting started with points, miles and rewards credit cards, The best Florida vacation destinations for each type of traveler, book via Chase using your Ultimate Rewards points, from one program and platform to the next, Credit cards that give you more than $1,000 in value every year, Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information. There are more traditional hotels and resorts in the area, such as the Watercolor Inn, where standard rooms start at $500 to more than $600 in peak season. You can take your golf cart living to the extreme by living in the golf cart community in Florida that doesnt allow other vehicles. The area certainly experienced a surge in popularity and visibility during the pandemic. While it's not at all in 30A, there's also a new Hyatt Place on Panama City Beach nearby with a resort-style pool and lazy river. There are public beaches in Santa Rosa with free parking, bike paths and plenty of street-ready golf carts (aka low-speed vehicles) available for rent. Public beach access varies from community to community. Another option is The Pearl, which has similar rates to WaterColor Inn. Surrounded by the azure waters of the Gulf of Mexico, Gasparilla Island is truly an ode to Old Florida. You will be bagging turkeys and larger trophy white-tailed deer in no time. Its a luxury community and a beautiful place for a golf cart ride. Another big golf cart town for vacation homes, retirees, and those who enjoy the beach is North Captiva Island. MHaralson Enterprises also participates in affiliate programs with Clickbank, ShareASale, and other sites. Sanlan RV and Golf Resort. It has bit more visible life and diversity mixed into the "Forrest Gump"-esque, tree-lined, cobblestone streets. The Villages, FL. Have you ever heard of ecotourism? If anyone on our team wouldnt recommend it to a friend or a family member, we wouldnt recommend it on The Points Guy either. Although there are no special resolutions allowing golf carts in Wilton Manors, people still use them to drive around. Receive 1 Free Night Award every year after your Card renewal month. Not everyone you see is visiting, as most of the locals living there will often be out in their own golf carts cruising the Island, especially when the party kicks off at night. Although there are many types of carts available, you can break them into two categories electric and gas. Whether youre looking for a fun way to explore the island, cover long distances quickly, or cruise around in style, a golf cart from Hilton Head Island makes your stay truly memorable. But note the speed limit is 35 miles per hour or less due to pedestrian traffic. Whatever your tickles your fancy, Polk County is rich with history and friendly faces. While you can and should walk around Alys Beach and explore, it has a very members only atmosphere. From quaint coastal towns to bustling cities, each of these destinations offers plenty of scenic views, easy access to the beach, and plenty of places to explore. The low speed limit of the streets and friendly atmosphere makes this area an ideal place for golf carts. Peachtree City, GA Peachtree City, GA features over 90 miles of golf cart paths for residents to safely and quickly get around town. On the island, the only ways to get around are by golf cart, bike, and two legs. For over 50 years, this community has shown the country why golf cart communities in Florida are so unique. Its a type of tourism that focuses on exploring the beauty of nature in a sustainable and responsible way. It didnt have a private pool like the Santa Rosa Beach house did the previous year. Just around the corner from Walt Disney World Resort, this massive campground comprises 21 camping loops, each containing 10-85 sites. 6 points per dollar on eligible purchases at hotels participating in the Marriott Bonvoy program, 4 points per dollar at restaurants worldwide, U.S. gas stations, wireless telephone services purchased directly from U.S. service providers and U.S. shipping, 2 points per dollar on all other eligible purchases, Earn a free-night award each card renewal month (up to 35,000 points), Receive 15 elite night credits to jump-start status, Must spend $60,000 in a year for second free-night award. If you want to spend as much time in a boat as a golf cart, you can store your boat at the private marina. However, this property is only about eight miles from Santa Rosa Beach. You cant go on a road without seeing at least a few golf carts riding around, and the scenery makes for a beautiful ride. With several areas offering rentals and services for golf carts, you can experience a hassle-free way of traveling around the area with friends and family. This progressive city encourages green transit including biking and electricgolf carts. These golf carts are often equipped with roof racks, carrying life jackets, fishing poles, coolers, and maybe a few surfboards. Whether you've heard of it, the Souths secret beach playground is a place you'll absolutely want to learn more about. The city of Peachtree, Georgia, is also referred to as the golf cart city. Although you cant drive your golf cart to Disney, you can hop in a car or on a bus and get there in a short time. Heres a stab at what a few of the communities within the area are like for those planning a first trip. There are several great destinations for golf cart enthusiasts in the Space Coast. Yes, you can drive a golf cart in Inlet Beach, Florida. Also, while we do our best to highlight LGBTQ-friendly destinations and businesses, info provided is based solely on personal experience and recommendations by community partners. Just know that homes seem to come and go from one program and platform to the next, so things may change from when you book to when you check-in. The average cost of a golf cart in the United States is around $5,000, The average life expectancy of a golf cart is around 6-8 years, The average speed of a golf cart is around 15 mph, The average range of a golf cart is around 25-30 miles, Over 80% of golf cart beach towns require a permit to operate (. The closest airport is Panama City's Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport (ECP), 35 miles from Seaside in the 30A area. Our original home was actually sold, and they moved us to a different home in the same area. Additionally, make sure that the Golf cart beach towns are becoming increasingly popular for those looking to enjoy a laid-back coastal lifestyle. Compared to other counties, Brevard makes driving a golf cart easy. Of course, residents dont only use their carts during this time of the year. The beach communities of Rosemary Beach, Seaside, Alys and Santa Rosa Beach sit in this area. (Alys is actually pronounced Alice. From quaint coastal towns to bustling cities, there are plenty of great places to explore with your golf cart. 09:00 am - 06:00 pm. It has 12 different districts that contain about 150,000 total residents. Located in the Northwest corner of the state, Cedar Key is a delightful little town that embraces beach life. Regulations include obtaining a permit and following safety guidelines. In the past, attempts have been made to be stricter about golf cart use in Gulfport. A laid-back beach town with a healthyand well-lovedpopulation of vintage ice cream parlors, Pass-A-Grille Beach is an island town located at the southernmost end of St. Pete Beach. Located in Wildwood, the Villages is a retirement community with big plans. Keep in mind: There are several local businesses that offer golf carts to rent for those visiting who want to get the full experience of Cedar Key and what it has to offer. Aside from a specific line-up of town names, heres the very important thing to know about 30A: Each community has its own very distinct personality. Those that live in Destin treat golf carts as a part of life. If its representative of the houses for rent in the area, you are in for a treat if you stay in Seaside. Typically, the communities have restaurants, movie theaters, and other entertainment, all within a short drive of residential areas. Author. What are the best golf cart beach towns and what criteria make them stand out from the rest? If one Southern state has cornered the market on beach towns, it's Florida. The Reef has two 18-hole golf courses as well as a private airport. You dont even need a drivers license to operate one. Coronado, California. Still, it came with a golf cart, was walkable to a neighborhood pool and was very close to the hub area with shops and restaurants. In the Keys, there are a few incredible golf cart communities that make you forget the fast-paced life everywhere else. If you have some date flexibility, prices can drop substantially outside the peak summer months. Pickleball, a sport that combines elements of badminton, tennis, and table tennis, has gained significant popularity in recent years. Follow up your tee time with tea time at The Cove Restaurant, which overlooks the course. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Flat 320,8 Esther Anne Place,London,N1 1UN, 2023. Most of the lodging in 30A consists of home and cottage rentals. Learn more about the golf cart communities in Florida and find out why you might want to live life in the slow lane. While some private campgrounds allow golf carts to be used, more public campgrounds are not as golf cart friendly. In the evening, both locals and tourists are taking out their golf carts and enjoy the beach life with easy transportation from their vacation rental to downtown and back. There will be no whirring of engines or honking of. Youll see fancy four-story homes and smaller A-frame-style beach houses all on the same street. Most of the people you find on Catalina Island have a dealer on the mainland for their golf carts. You need to follow driving rules and stay on roads with speed limits of 35 mph or less. With sunny beaches, lush green golf courses, and a variety of other attractions, it is easy to see why so many people come to the area each year with their carts. Also in Sandestin, youll find a Residence Inn and Courtyard bookable with Marriott points at the Marriott Category 4 and 5 award levels. A community of lakes surrounded by landand golf cart trails. Everything you can want in Florida is found in Destin and you can do it all on your golf cart. Mon. Technically, a vehicle with the above modifications is a low speed vehicle and not a golf cart. Both towns are located in California and give a nice change of pace to those who are living there or residing. There are at least five miles of solid beach that those visiting or living can enjoy regularly when they visit the city. The community also uses golf carts unconventionally; it's their primary mode of transportation! Iconic white sand and turquoise Gulf of Mexico waters set St. Pete's beaches apart. Using a golf cart to go back and forth to the beach keeps your own vehicle clean and prevents you from using too much gas while you are on vacation. Or head over to Anna Maria Island and eat a crazy (but yummy) confection at The Donut Experiment, and layout on its pristine beach. With so many great options available, choosing which one is right for you can be hard. I've often heard people say things like, My family only goes to Watercolor or Rosemary Beach is by far the best part of 30A.. Im not here to knock Destin or Panama City, as they also offer beautiful white sugar sand and captivating blue-green water. You'll earn 15 elite night credits each calendar year, and receive automatic Gold elite status. And thats a great thing, because there are dozens of shops, stores, and beaches to explore! Other criteria for choosing a great golf cart beach town include safety, affordability, and availability of amenities like restaurants and shops. In Clearwater Beach, you can go almost anywhere along the beach in a golf cart. Pensacola, Florida Panhandle. If you are hungry while in Alys, Georges at Alys Beach gets high marks for its lunch and dinner offerings. This price is for one person Can only carry 5 guests a trip. Its a great idea to reserve bikes and golf carts well in advance. So, while there aren't extremely distinct geographical areas in many cases, there are different vibes, layouts, architecture and price points. Florida Golf Cart Laws. Compare the cost in points or miles to cash, and see which option is best. Located at the halfway point in the Florida Keys, Islamorada is a whimsical paradise where small-town businesses cater to the ultimate island state of mind. Residents can trade in their boots for flip flops and their tanks for golf carts. In lots where public parking is available, you will find spots for golf carts to park, embracing them and the local community. Hilton Head offers many places where you can rent or buy a gold cart, such as the Sea Pines Resort or Rent-a-Ride Recreational Vehicle Rentals. Cruise down Atlantic Avenue, the main drag in Delray Beach, and you'll end up at one of the most beautiful beaches on Florida's east coast. Check here before booking an award fare. If you dont live somewhere in the South, you may have never heard of the beaches of 30A. They are used as an additional transportation option in this town and it is designed to accommodate golf carts. This is one of Floridas hidden gems, with a large influence on fishing. Youll find plenty of houses to rent in Santa Rosa on sites ranging from Vrbo to Marriott Homes & Villas. The golf cart rules are relaxed in Ocean Reef, and you may see some young drivers while you are out. Panama City Beach, Florida is an ideal location for those looking to purchase a golf cart. Fine Florida-kitschy institutions like Lazy Days Restaurant and Lorelei Restaurant & Cabana Bar offer a quadruple threat of killer water views, fruity cocktails, live music, and fish tacos. Id give some nods to Mykonos, Turkey, Portugal and basically everywhere else in the world thats beautiful and exotic. 1. There are rentals and dealers available around this town, so getting a golf cart is not difficult at all. Finally, the free night award certificate with a redemption level of 35,000 points or less can get you hundreds of dollars in potential value each year. There are a couple of fun golf cart-friendly beach towns on the West Coast for those who want to embrace this lifestyle. From a distance, South Florida might not seem to be very golf cart-amenable communities. Related: Best Airbnb home rentals in Florida. Whether you are looking for a place to retire or just want to get away from it all, weve done the research and compiled a list of the best golf cart beach towns. Hot Springs Villages, Arkansas. Our private gated resort community features an 18-hole Jack Nicklaus Signature designed golf course, racquet club with tennis and pickle ball, a full service spa, state-of-the-art athletic club, indoor and outdoor pools that include a poolside grill, a signature wave pool, and sand beach. A Kissimmee community, Solivita is a 55+ community for those who want an active lifestyle. During the pandemic, the area's popularity expanded, and rates are now higher than they were a few years ago. The cart must have efficient brakes, reliable steering, safe tires, rearview mirror and red reflectorized warning device on front and rear.. Related: The 9 foods in Florida you have to try. Come with a fully charged smartphone, as several of these trucks require you to order and pay on your phone. In North Captiva Island, there are no cars. Also, the 30A towns have all the shrimp, grits and fantastic views your stomach and soul could possibly want. In addition, Daytona Beach is home to many golf cart repair shops that offer necessary maintenance services for those who wish to keep their carts running smoothly year-round. Although Dunedin doesnt allow golf carts on all roads, the city allows these vehicles on many roads. Myrtle Beach is also filled with amazing accommodations that make it perfect for anyone looking to enjoy some downtime away from home. A Retrospective of LGBTQ Life in South Florida. Holiday Inn Pensacola - University Area, an IHG Hotel. In order to visit the island, you will have to take a ferry and rent a golf cart to get around. Golf cart rules vary greatly in the Palm Beaches, so check local ordinances, but low-speed golf carts are street legal in Delray Beach. Panama City Beach also has extensive golf courses to travel in a golf cart. Golf carts are the preferred method of transportation, and there are zero traffic lights on the island. There are tons of golf carts in Key West, but they are all LSVs. No matter where you go while traveling in the Sunshine State, make sure to plan a stop at one of these sunny and small coastal towns. All of the golf cart fun is not limited to the East Coast and Gulf beaches. Then reach out to Brandon Jordan with ERA Distinctive Properties to find your dream home. There are designated golf cart trails to the beach so that tourists can easily access the beach during their stay on the rental property. If you drive a golf cart in Lauderdale-By-The-Sea, it needs to be considered an LSV. Unfortunately, the original Red Bar burned down in 2019, but a new one opened in the same spot in the summer of 2020. A beautiful golf cart friendly community in sunny San Diego. It embraces everything you can think of when it comes to the traditional beach town, just with bikes and golf carts. Categories Travel, Activities, Beach Activities, Beach Travel, Golf, Towns. Going to the beach in winter? Related: Guide to getting started with points, miles and rewards credit cards. There are hundreds of homes and plenty of golf cart trails for you to explore. Additionally, Destin Beach has a variety of activities that can be enjoyed while inside or outside of your golf cart. Photo: Crawford A. Wilson III / Getty Images, Tommy Crow Photography/Visit South Walton, The Best Places For A Weekend Getaway In Florida, 7 Best Islands In Florida For Any Kind Of Getaway, Where To Find The Best Beaches Near Tampa, 20 Florida Beaches That Could Pass For the Caribbean, The Best Southern Beach Towns For Every Type Of Traveler, The South's Best Beach Towns For Girlfriend Getaways, The 10 Best Beaches In Texas To Visit, From State Parks To Small Towns, The Best Beach Towns In The South To Visit This Winter, The Best Things To Do In Dunedin, Florida, These Florida Towns Are Better In The Winter, 20 Bookstores Everyone Should Visit In Florida, find an impressive assortment of treasured sea shells and sand dollars. The 30A name comes from an actual road in South Walton County (County Road 30A) that spans roughly 20 miles along the Florida Panhandle coastline. Here are 11 of the best golf cart beach towns in the United States that offer plenty of scenic views, easy access to the beach, and plenty of places to explore. Related: These are Floridas best beaches, It seems to be common to prefer one community over the others. Were always happy to add more. Discover everything about beaches all over the world with us! Whether youre looking to explore the sights or enjoy a leisurely ride around town, Galveston has all your golf cart needs covered. Beverly Beach Camptown RV Resort. You can get your golf cart rental conveniently at the resort just to travel for an evening to dinner or for the day. 2x points on all other eligible purchases. Lawrence Smelser. In the Big Chill area (formerly known as The Hub), you will find Macho Taco, Super Freeze ice cream, Hooked Sea to Table, Nectar Coffee and Wine and Duos Bar, as well as other shops and spots, to grab a bite. Its such a good choice that it's even listed as one of the best places to visit in the U.S. in TPGs round-up. Frog Creek RV Resort & Campground. In addition to having a long list of amenities, this community also welcomes golf cart drivers. It offers extensive coastline and sandy beach locations to explore, in addition to the many attractions available in the area such as amusement parks, historical sites, and family-friendly activities. It's in Rosemary Beach and includes complimentary beach chairs already set up for you next to the ocean. King of Carts (formerly Surfside Golf Car Rentals) Three locations (Surfside Beach, Garden City Beach, Murrells Inlet) 843.650.2497 Columbia King of Carts Superstore 4014 Fernandina Road, Columbia 803.391.3145 Go With Garrett's Golf Cars & Specialty Vehicles 431 Western Lane, Irmo 803.407.2687 Greenville It's close enough to Miami that you can easily get to and from the 24/7 action of the city, but just far enough out into the ocean that you immediately get that sense of "ahhhhh" when you drive over the Rickenbacker Causeway. An electric cart is quiet and slow, which might fit right in with your desired lifestyle. Peachtree is widely known for the ability to drive your golf cart wherever you need to be. (4 Possible Reasons), How To Clean Golf Cart Batteries (Step-by-Step Guide). And, in Florida, there are many communities that give you the luxury of a golf cart lifestyle. Bike rentals are also very fun and popular in the area. blanton's gold bahamas, trowers and hamlins real economy,

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