What we will do then if our parents are not ready for our marraige, They just not accept our choice but even they don't want us to marry whole life? plz Contents And she is muslim girl You are the Knower of hidden things. Asalamou alaikoum. Allah is very clear on the fiqh for marriage, and what is needed for a nikkah to be valid. There is a husband and wife. Be that as it may, the basis of nikah is proposal and acceptance and as long as these are present, of course with the requirements necessary to be existing in a couple, the nikah is perfectly in order. No dresses, no 3 day party extravaganza, no over the top sets of gold, no gifts for family members and none of the hoopla normally associated with weddings in my husband's culture or mine here in the west. Is it free ? But every feed I get from this thread is about "can I marry my boyfriend/girlfriend without witnesses?" The businessman, who also declined to be named, claimed that authorities began punishing couples who had married through nikah but without a government-issued marriage license for "illegal. Yeah that's right and actually thats what we are worried for! During a trip to her cousins wedding in Pakistan, Amin found out that she was engaged at 8 years old to her first cousin Tariq. Please be sure to acquire the Marriage License form the city hall of the municipality you reside in. can wee do nikah online??? She is probably older than your mother, yes? Regarding seating, couples often prefer to have guests at the front of the main hall so they can face them during the Nikah. The very nature of marriage (as opposed to zinaa) is that it is done openly. bfrnd, gfnd? May Allah swt make the difficult easy for you! There is no nikah without witnesses. Once all the requirements are met, anyone can officiate the Nikah ceremony which involves the bride and groom repeating the word Qubool or "I accept" three times. This is Ramadan, a time of self-restraint. If you are sincere with your lover/bf/gf/whatever first off you won't indulge in physical activities unless you have made it legal in the eyes of Allah, family, society. Table of Contents We talk daily and we have supported each other to the very extreme and Alhamdolilah she has helped me come over and quit certian bad habbits like smoking,staring at girls etc and she is the one who insists me to maintain my SALAH five times a day and recitiion of the Holy Quran daily Only her elder sister knows about us and she too is supporting us and told us to be patient Insha Allah one day u two will be rewarded with the best..I do make prayers and cry alot to Allah and she is the only person whom i ask for,,she means everything for to me. i can suggest one thing and inshaa allah it works. valid?ccccc plzzz helllp soon.. zoya, see the answers already given, please. For a marriage to be valid, you need your wali's ( father ) permission, dowry, 2 witnesses. plz plz plz khuda k waastay help karain or detailed answer day dainnn. neither qari. Have some consciousness of Allah. In Islam, For a marriage to be valid you need your ' wali ' ( Father ) permission. Requesting a time slot does not confirm your booking. can i marry with my gf secretly bcoz she was dosnt want any one know about us. I need some advice can I do Nikkah without telling my mum my dad is pass away my girl friend dad is pass away to she is Gujarati Muslim and am a Pakistan Muslim the problem is her mum don't like Pakistani and my mum can't stand Gujarati to. However, it does not make the Nikah without a marriage license invalid. Your email address will not be published. Can you suggerst me how to confirm. Asslamualykum I want to know I'm staying with my lady since 8 years we got 3 children as far as ava family's are agree is it anything wrong in that. Your wali is your male guardian, who has a duty to ensure your safety and wellbeing. In fact, Allah tells us in the Quran to follow a bad deed with a good one. what happens if your husband has got hold of documents, and is not registering it with nadra for a long time. I am 23 yrs old and into the final year of mys studies.I am in a long distance relation with a girl whom i love is 21 years old and we have deep feeling and high respect for each other. I really appreciate the information you have provided. The rings may be said to have satisfied that condition, and Allah knows best. Help me please The ceremony will take place and all the guests will be guided to exit the center within the 1 hour. Nikah is marriage. The Nikah is a Muslim marriage ceremony that officially allows a couple to be legally wed under Islamic law. Or any muslim Maya Brown is an associate social newsgathering reporter for NBC News. You'll be back on this forum saying I told you so! There is no secret marriage in Islam. (You will have to provide the necessary identification and pay a fee for the application). Also it will come out in the end, and may cause even more problems. nikaah means family and family means mutually accepted decisions which means you have to ask your family members to help you and support you and be there for you in the nikah. You can see the all available slots for ISNA Canada and process your booking online here. The court heard evidence by the parties and pointed out that the term spouse for the purposes of the Ontario Family Law Act includes both couples who are married to each other, but also those who have together entered into a marriage that is voidable or void, in good faith In this case, even though the spouses had not obtained a legal marriage license, the religious marriage that they participated in was valid, if they both undertook it in good faith with and intended to be validly married to each other. Not important in any way, but people who have religious marriage but not legal marriage count in statistics as cohabiting unmarried couples and their children count in statistics as "born out of wedlock". In this case, she would NOT need her mom's permission to marry. Marriage by its very nature is NOT discreet. both spouses should tell parents that they love each other and they want to get engaged ONLY. The husband and wife must be known as a husband and wife. Requirements for Nikah. 1. There is no such thing as recognizing each other by heart as husband and wife. Jaza kumula khair. If you choose to ignore this advice and continue to convince yourselves that doing a nikah in secret is halaal, you are decieving no-one but yourselves. True sunnah method is asking someone who is qualified to answer the question. Please login and write your question as a separate post, thank you. doing a secret nikah will be the only option in such situations for us i think. Its American, Amin said. I want to avoid adultery. This does not count as Nikah. Couples will often pick a date, decide on the venue, and figure out where they will serve food. Examples of a Wali include father, brother, son, paternal uncle, grandfather, etc. Such minors, more likely girls than boys, are often forced into marriage because of socioeconomic factors by families who want to minimize their economic burden or earn income as a result of the marriage, according to UNICEF. Even though almost half of all women in South Asia aged 20-24 reported being married before the age of 18, the rates of child marriage are currently decreasing in the region. 2200 South Sheridan Way Mississauga, ON L5J 2M4. As we only had imam and one witness. My knowledge says, " satisfying each other and fulfilling the need for time-pass will comparatively be okay", hi, i want to know that my boyfriend is from shia mazhab and i am from sunni andy parents are not accepting our relation because he is from shia mazhab, is nikah jaiz between sunni girl and shia boy. Agr koi lrka ya lrki phone py nikkah wali service sy nikkah kr lain tu kya nikkah ho jata hah dono alag alag cities mai thy or nikkah perhnay wala or city mai thi voice call thi or us ny kaha yahan 2 gawah b hain. the fact that you want to be secretive makes me assume it is a temporary fornication, forgive me if i am wrong, if it is proper marriage then make it open, let there be witnesses and do it in the mosque even if ur parents are against it! "how can you get into a halal relationship (Nikah) when its initiation has been a haram one?". The Wali or Legal Guardian. If your brother is your closest living male relative, then he would be your wali, but if your father is alive then your father is your wali (unless he has given up that right for some reason). An imam breaks down the fundamentals couples who are considering or currently planning a Nikah need to know. can anyone advise as i really require help with my problem. This my wife knows and is against that. I am living in a non-Muslim country and want to get married. 2 we done nikkah in pokhara Nipal where we haven't find any masjid Please click your city below for additional information on acquiring the marriage license: Mississauga Brampton Oakville Toronto Milton Hamilton Burlington. I don't really understand your question. Muhammad Waseem Most of the top 20 countries with the highest prevalence rates of child marriage are in Africa, with Niger having the highest child marriage rate in the world. I did nikah with my gf on phone without any qazi or witnesses.. is it a valid marriage if we both recognize husband and wife heartly i dont want to do nikkah to get physical with her! or nikkah wdout witnesses ?? please guide me are they did zina or that nikah is valid. Me n my gf living in different countries once on telephone I said her i m putting my hands on holy Quran and keeping Almighty Allah in front I accept u as my wife n i did put my hands on holy Qur'an she replied me the same and said I also accept u as my husband - my question is that is such nikaah counted in Allah's eye does it valued in Islam I have already told my parents about it but her parents have not accepted that n doing her marriage with someone else. And she searching the muslim places The Marriages of The Kuffar. I have read of many women being put in very difficult and unhappy situations because of it. And two witnesses are necessary for the Nikah. Please do NOT deceive and lie to yourself and make your akhirah bad for yourself for a few moments of guilty pleasure of this brief worldly life ! A believing slave is better that a polytheist even though the latter may please you . Required fields are marked *. 88 years of expert advice and inspiration, for every couple. Both the groom and the bride are to consent to the marriage of their own free wills. Please see the steps below to book services: Make bookings - for either Nikah services or to use the facility (or both) by calling 416-264-3900. The Bride must be represented by her Wali which is a male relative. thank you. The Marriage Certificate Application obtained with the Marriage License must be brought to the Imam couple days in advance of the Nikah day. There are however Hadith reports in which he (s) encouraged marriage to virgins. It sounds like those conditions were met. My parents do not know. And if in Your knowledge it isbad for me and for my religion, my livelihood and my affairs and for me both in this world and the next, then turn me away from it, and turn it away from me, and ordain for me the good wherever it may be and make me pleased with it.). Obeying parents is a duty of every muslims. We love each other both mature. Surely these scholars understood the Hadith of the Prophet (s) better than any scholar of the even the last 500 years. I Completely agree, Parents will always think best for their children, Sabr (Patience) is key and to be patient you are pleasing god as your relying on him of regardless effort convincing 2nd party, Inshallah god will help you through these hard times as he has done every time, Be patient and keep faith in god. If you require further advice, please submit a post rather than a comment. Just don't. (serving North York, Richmond Hill, Newmarket), (serving Bensfort Bridge, Fraserville, Millbrook), Family Responsibility Office (FRO) & Default Hearings, Child Protection (Childrens Aid Society), Russell Alexander Collaborative Family Lawyers. If Imam Shafi'i, then wali is needed along with two witnesses. However, she can't be divorced after nikah while in her menses or period. my family did not do actual nikkah for me they just exchanged rings between me and my husband then we had actual wedding ceremony with family and few relatives. The process of signing the contract is usually a private affair, involving only the immediate families of the bride and groom. zobia, wa alaykum as-salam. Sisters please please be careful and get your parents involved. Imam Elturk always advises couples to ask questions and see if theyre compatible during this time. Amin stressed that child marriage does not happen only to South Asian women, but it also affects women in other countries. But hiding things from your families might give you what you want in the short run, but in the long run you'll put yourself in a very ugly situation that may lead you to regret ever meeting one another. Can I get married without a license? It is hard and expensive to go to the nearest Islamic center here or to the embassy to write the marriage certificate. Nikah halala (Urdu: ), also known as tahleel marriage, is a practice in which a woman, after being divorced by triple talaq, marries another man, consummates the marriage, and gets divorced again in order to be able to remarry her former husband. Mahrul Mithl. During the time between the proposal and the acceptance, the couple can meet as many times as they like to get to know each other, as long as the meeting takes place in public or within close proximity of a chaperone. plz help its urgent.. ..Allah apko ajar day. because such relationships are based on respect for one another. Naila Amin was 13 on her wedding day in Pakistan. You must request a time slot at least one week in advance for your request to be processed. Please be advised that as of January 17th, 2019, all Nikah applicants at Salaheddin Islamic Centre will be required to sign forms certifying that they are not married at the time of application. This is also needed for a marriage to be valid. 2) "Mahr" - a gift from the groom to the bride. I must clarify there is no physical sex and meeting each other. There is no such thing in Islam as secret marriage or marriage without witnesses. For more information on how to obtain a marriage license please visit: https://ottawa.ca/en/residents/laws-licences-and-permits/marriages-deaths-and-oaths, COVID UPDATE (as of July 17): Me as my wife . 3.as dowry she wanted a gold ring i gave and i said to her forgive me i will give your mohr slowly By the way if you both and family agree to this relation then why don't you both do nikha can live own parents then after few years you both stay together by this you both wont be in any sins because you both will be husband and wife. and my family was happily agreed to marry me with her but her family refused again and again even they got agreed twice .. millions of people out of desperation do court marriage and they are legal and islamic, with lawyer and consent but not necessarily consenting parents so are all those legal marriages void? what is it? He has officiated hundreds of Nikahs for Muslim couples, is very active in the Muslim community, and is seen as a leader and advisor. she trying to change as Islamic lady It has to be public. While it's often more common for a man to propose in many cultures, in Islam, the woman (or her family) can propose, as was the case with Khadijah, the first wife of the Prophet, peace, and blessings upon him, Imam Elturk says. Citizenship and Immigration Services raise the spousal sponsorship to 18. Cherisse Harris is a fact-checker with a focus on lifestyle, beauty, and parenting. the marriage took place without the knowledge of the walis of both parties. But the better way for brides to marry with the willing of parents. 1 does our nikkah has valid There are three kinds of marriage, 1) valid , 2) void and 3) irregular There is no boyfriend or girlfriend in Islam. Allah who has given you your rights which you are throwing away for lust and trying to justify the lust by twisting Allah's laws? Imam Steve Mustafa Elturk is the president of the Islamic Organization of North America (IONA) in Warren, Michigan. Shortly after, Amin went to New York state Assemblyman Philip Ramos office in Brentwood on Long Island and told him about being a former child bride. Once all requirements are met, decide on dcor and seating if the event is taking place at home. what u people are saying that it is haram? The bridal gift (mahr) must be agreed upon between the couple, you can choose to write it into the contract if you wish. Your marriage sounds like it is invalid. If the event is not at the mosque, make sure the imam or the officiant can be at the ceremony for the wedding. Then she could ask other male members of her family from father's side to be her wali. It is mentioned that if a male and female are mature enough they can consume marriage and that is valid trying to make a haaram situation halaal? Also, the payment of mahr from the groom to the bride, and publicizing the marriage (with a waleemah). Sam, an Imam or Qadi is not strictly required, but the presence of a wali is definitely required for a woman, especially if she is a virgin. His good deeds in this world is but like a drop of ink in an ocean which has to value in the sight of Allah (SWT) and his resting place is hellfire. Rather than repeatedly posting comments, the best way to get advice specifically for your situation is to submit a new post for publication. 2. There is no secret marriage in Islam. Purchase the marriage license from any city hall in Ontario (Please keep in mind that it expires, 3 months from the date of purchase). After separation, the husband applied to the court for relief available to him under Ontario Family Law, including equalization of net family property and reimbursement of an what he argued was overpayment of support paid to the wife. The link to register is on the right side of the home page beneath the Recent Stories. They lived together as a married couple until 2010 when they decided to separate. http://darululoom-deoband.com/english/books/nikah.htm#. Our ultimate goal is to help all the survivors we work with to achieve full financial and emotional independence, and we have been able to help more than 700 people in this way, Reiss said, who is a victim of a strictly Orthodox forced marriage that took her 15 years to get out of. You will also receive a Marriage Certificate 2. Not just anyone can act as one because her family wants to reject you. About 59 percent of girls are married before the age of 18 in Bangladesh, 27 percent in India and 18 percent in Pakistan, according to data from Girls Not Brides. Paper slips will be mailed between February 1 and February 10, 2023. 4. 2.my many brothers frnds many pepole i don.t even know i am married Every marriage not solemnized by the Nikah Registrar shall, for registration under this Ordinance, be reported to him by the person who has solemnized such marriage. It is haram to have any physical contact with him whatsoever. my nikah just verbally me and my boyfriend with two witnesses. salih, you are mistaken. A marriage license must be obtained from any City Hall in Ontario PRIOR to the date of the Nikkah. First of all its haram to have gf in Islam, therefore either marry her in halal way or leave her for good. I want to nikah with my boyfriendplz tell me that i can do or not. I am not a scholar, but if you are saying that the bride's wali (her father) gave consent but was not physically present, as far as I know the nikah is valid. Is it ok to be physically close to my bf as we are in a relationship frm 3 yrs bt as v r very close physically n our marriage is yet to b done aftr 3 yrs(aftr my graduation) is it ok if v do nikaah secretly(as i dun wanna have any more jinaah) v have witness too. BCz he Guardian (Wali) for the bride. please note that the Imam will not perform any Nikah without a valid marriage license Step 2. Just the nikah, then a simple dinner with a small group of family members. IslamicAnswers.com Editor. Is mamlay me unkay against jana b gunah ni. The requirements to have a Nikkah done through the Masjid are as follows: 1. i just want it to do to talk to her. I am so sick of crying over this because its like repeating myself all over again. One of you has answered this but it seems like people have ignored the answer. because i cannot wait. By marrying him the way you did, it constitute a zina relationship and Allah's punishment and curse will fall on you both. fahim, you are married as you seem to have met the Islamic requirements. We have been only together for four months, and we want to make our relationship halal. Women don't! My problem is that I havnt seen my dad for 10year n my mum doesn't want to be a witness same with my brothers what can I do help me. All guests must have on masks while in the centre (including the photo shoot). If even one of them is missing your marriage is void/null/invalid. They were unaware of the legal requirements. Allah (SWT) said: "And do not marry your womenfolk to disbelieving men until they believe. It is known to the public and above board. This is why it requires witnesses, and why you have a waleemah afterwards. The practice is technically still legal in 44 U.S. states, as most allow marriage before 18. I have said many times for marriage to my parents. Please visit the following link for more information: https://ottawa.ca/en/3-1-1/apply-or-register/licences-and-permits/getting-marriage-license. Views : May Allah save us all from the fire of hell. Please note the Imam will not perform any Nikah without a valid marriage license which must be present at the time of the Nikah ceremony . There is scholarly support for the idea that if a woman has divorced, she may represent her own interests without a wali if she marries again. Raven 1 Quote Raven Unregistered 496 Posted January 19, 2014 Would it hurt anyone to get both?! There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. I have a question, With all thanks we are Muslim by birth. Masha Allah,am glad hearing about advised helpfull concernant nikah.its true being needed of two witness for nikah. Amin was taken away by Child Protective Services and put into foster care. What is Rukhsati? Disclaimer: These are the ICC hall rental fees, and do not include the Imam fees. In short, an Islamic marriage requires: - The Prophet (s) married Khadijah (r) who was 40 years of age and He (s) was only 25. What else is patience for? Please log in and write your question as a separate post and give us more information about your situation - for example why can't your brother act as wali? Equality Among Wives. 1. wassalamu alaikum. Then can we do nikkah without our parents or guardians because we both are mature and are willing. To learn more about the Nikah tradition and how to incorporate it into your own modern-day celebration, we spoke with Imam Steve Mustafa Elturk, president of the Islamic Organization of North America (IONA) in Warren, Michigan, on the fundamentals to know. Youll get a discount if you book both our Imam and our wedding venue! There is no barakah to hide it or not involve the two people who bought you up. A formal, binding contract - verbal or on paper [1] - is considered integral to a religiously valid Islamic marriage, and outlines the rights and responsibilities of the groom and bride. The fact of the matter is that a mature couple do not need the consent or presence of a wali as this creates an unnecessary burden on the couple who want to enter into nikah but face an impediment from certain persons. Its very long since we talking on the phone. Pls help. if parents take our sharai- right of marrying by choice then they are wrong instead of us who desperately want to marry. Mala: Cant this type if ikah made prblm for the real one. You should announce the marriage , and inform your neighbors and relatives of it, so that legitimate marriage will be made distinct from illicit relationships. When we organize an online wedding ceremony here at MarryFromHome, we ensure that you meet these criteria. Just tell me the minimum requirements of nikah.because my dad is n0t agre.bt my m0m,and m0m dad of the bride are agree.can we d0 a secret nikah,like n0 cr0wd.just me,my m0m and bride with her m0m dad and her 2 sis with their husbands.and 2 or 3 friends of mine.is a m0lvi is must?or a nikah nama?or is it imp0rtant to get the molvi of y0ur own area? how long the engagment period lasts doesnt matter but they at least can enjoy as if they are married and all muslims around will know that they are engaged and no one will doubt or accuse them of anything. Andrew Cuomo recently signed a bill into law raising the age of marriage consent to 18 in New York. Please note the Imam will not perform any Nikah without a valid marriage license which must be present at the time of the Nikah ceremony .

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